​The North West Pipe Band Championship, Portrush, Northern Ireland


​The North West Pipe Band Championship, Portrush, Northern Ireland

The North West Pipe Band Championship, Portrush

Saturday 18th August 2017


Judges - Mary Recknagel and Lindsey Recknagel, USA

Beginners 7yrs - Overall; Niamh McMullan, Johnston School.
Beginners 8yrs - Overall; Alex McSpadden, Johnston School.
Beginners 9-11yrs - Overall; Grace Thompson, Drumahoe School.
Beginners 12yrs & over - Overall; Shannon McCracken, Johnston School.

Novice 10yrs & under - Highland; (tie) Sophie Leckie, Johnston School & Beth Heron, Johnston School. National; Beth Heron.
Novice 11yrs & over - Highland & National; Kirsty McCracken, Johnston School.

Intermediate - Highland; Melissa Nesbitt, Johnston School. National; Grace Patterson, Johnston School.

Premier 11yrs & under - Highland & National; Rebekah Murdoch, Johnston School.
Premier 12-14yrs - Highland & National; Leah McIlwrath, Johnston School.
Premier 15yrs & over - Highland (tie) Rebekah Keery, Johnston School & Rebecca Welsh, Johnston School. National; Rebecca Welsh.