About Us

Originally formed in 2002, we work closely with the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association - Northern Ireland Branch to facilitate outdoor dancing platforms in conjunction with Pipe Band Championships.

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To promote and encourage the culture and advancement of Highland Dance. To create and maintain a bond of fellowship with all Highland Dancers throughout Northern Ireland and Border Counties.

In furtherance of our main aim the Association shall endeavour:

  • To provide facilities for the enjoyment of and participation in music, dance and other activities of a similar cultural nature.
  • To organise or assist in organising classes, exhibitions, events and activities consistent with the objectives of the Association.
  • To prepare, or assist in the preparation of written, audio, or video material which records or explains the highland dance culture.
  • To co-operate to such extent as may be necessary with voluntary and statutory agencies and inhabitants of Northern Ireland so as to advance the said objectives.

Our History

Since formation in 2002, NIHDA have been the proud representatives for Northern Ireland on the World Governing Body of Highland Dancing - The Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. We have been leading the way for Highland Dancing in Northern Ireland, by facilitiating the first outdoor Competitions and by creating workshop opportunites for teachers, dancers and volunteers.